Skuru IK Team Statistics and Handball Results Elitserien Damer
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Handball Skuru IK - Elitserien Damer

The Handball Team Skuru IK plays this Season Elitserien Damer in Sweden.
Skuru IK is currently in the Elitserien Damer league table on the 3. place.
The full current placing in the League Tables please see here Handball Table Elitserien Damer Table.
The next Match is on 21/04/2015, 19:00 o`clock at Home against the Team BK Heid.
The complete Elitserien Damer Season, all Teams and League Statistics Handball League Elitserien Damer Sweden.

Results Results Skuru IK

Newest Handball Results of the Team Skuru IK.
15/04/15. 17:50BK Heid - Skuru IK31 : 28 (15 : 10) (16 : 18) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer Play offs
11/04/15. 15:30Skuru IK - BK Heid27 : 22 (14 : 13) (13 : 9) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer Play offs
03/04/15. 18:00Skuru IK - BK Heid28 : 19 (15 : 11) (13 : 8) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer Play offs
29/03/15. 15:00BK Heid - Skuru IK30 : 22 (12 : 11) (18 : 11) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer Play offs
11/03/15. 19:00Skuru IK - H 65 Höör31 : 26 (15 : 10) (16 : 16) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer
07/03/15. 14:00Spårvägens HF - Skuru IK33 : 37 (14 : 18) (19 : 19) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer
28/02/15. 15:00Skuru IK - Tyresö HF33 : 14 (14 : 6) (19 : 8) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer
22/02/15. 17:00IK Sävehof - Skuru IK34 : 24 (17 : 13) (17 : 11) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer
15/02/15. 16:00Team Eslövs IK - Skuru IK21 : 29 (13 : 16) (8 : 13) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer
08/02/15. 18:15Skuru IK - Skövde HF30 : 26 (16 : 11) (14 : 15) FTSweden Handball ResultsElitserien Damer
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Results Goal Statistics Skuru IK

Skuru IK scored in the current Elitserien Damer Season a average of 29.4 Goals per Game.
On Games home Skuru IK scored a average of 30.5 Goals per Game and on
Games Away 28.3 Goals per Game scored by Team Skuru IK.
Other Teams scored within Games against Skuru IK a average of 24.2 Goals per Elitserien Damer Game.
On Home Games of Skuru IK the Guest Teams scored average 23.2 Goals per Game and on the
Away Games of Skuru IK the Opponents scored a average of 25.1 Goals in a Handball Game.

Statistics Statistics Skuru IK

Performance, Estimations and Goal / Result Comparison for Handball Team Skuru IK
with Details about the recent League Matches home and away and Tournament Results.
Handball Matches Home Skuru IK
Handball Matches Away Skuru IK
Handball H2H Statistics Skuru IK - BK Heid
Handball Result Statistics Skuru IK
Statistics Statistics all Matches Skuru IK overall
Skuru IK Handball Team
Statistics Statistics Matches Home Skuru IK
Skuru IK Matches Home
Statistics Statistics Matches Away Skuru IK
Skuru IK Matches Away

Schedules Schedules Skuru IK

The current Schedules for Handball Team Skuru IK.
Skuru IK has scheduled Matches in the Elitserien Damer Play offs.
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21/04/15, 19:00Skuru IK - BK HeidH2H Stats H2H H2H Direct H2H Direct H2H Goals H2H Goals
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Statistics Skuru IK Archives

The Handball Team Skuru IK played within past Years up
to today in following Handball Leagues and Tournament Events :
Statistics Cup Winners Cup Women ( Europe )
Statistics EHF Cup Women ( Europe )
Statistics Elitserien Damer Play offs ( Sweden )
Statistics Elitserien Damer ( Sweden )

/ = Wins
- = Draws
\ = Losses
FT = Full Time
CA = Match Result after cancelation
Last Refresh of the Statistics for Skuru IK Games and Handball Results for Elitserien Damer was 18:38 o`clock.
The Statistics and Estimations for Skuru IK will be refreshed within the next Game
on 21/04/2015, 19:00 o`clock against Team BK Heid.
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