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The newest Result of the League is from the Game Aeropos Edessas - H.A.N.TH, 22:23 on 23/04/2014.
The next A1 Men Game is on 26/04/2014, 16:00, G.A.S. Kilkis visits AC PAOK.
The best Handball Team of the running A1 Men Season in the League Table is currently A.E.K. Athens.

Season Start A1 Herren : 28/09/13
Season End A1 Herren :26/04/14
Number of Teams :  14

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Results Current live Results A1 Men

23/04/14, 17:00Aeropos Edessas - H.A.N.TH22 : 23  FT
23/04/14, 17:00Foivos - Anagennisi Byrona27 : 26  FT
23/04/14, 17:00Diomidis Argos - AC PAOK31 : 24  FT
23/04/14, 17:00Archelaos - AS Filippos Verias23 : 27  FT
23/04/14, 17:00AO Loutrakis - G.A.S. Kilkis25 : 19  FT
23/04/14, 15:00A.E.K. Athens - A.S.E. Doukas21 : 24  FT
14/04/14, 17:00A.S.E. Doukas - AO Loutrakis21 : 23  FT
11/04/14, 18:45Anagennisi Byrona - A.E.K. Athens20 : 27  FT
11/04/14, 17:00AC PAOK - Aeropos Edessas26 : 21  FT
11/04/14, 17:00G.A.S. Kilkis - Diomidis Argos17 : 30  FT
11/04/14, 17:00H.A.N.TH - Archelaos33 : 18  FT
11/04/14, 14:30AS Filippos Verias - Foivos25 : 20  FT
22/03/14, 18:00AO Loutrakis - Diomidis Argos18 : 22  FT
22/03/14, 17:00Aeropos Edessas - G.A.S. Kilkis26 : 29  FT
22/03/14, 17:00Archelaos - AC PAOK20 : 23  FT
22/03/14, 17:00Foivos - H.A.N.TH20 : 21  FT
22/03/14, 16:00A.E.K. Athens - AS Filippos Verias30 : 24  FT
21/03/14, 16:30A.S.E. Doukas - Anagennisi Byrona19 : 18  FT
09/03/14, 14:00H.A.N.TH - A.E.K. Athens29 : 31  FT
09/03/14, 13:00Anagennisi Byrona - AO Loutrakis17 : 18  FT

Schedules A1 Men Schedules

26/04/14, 16:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   AC PAOK - G.A.S. Kilkis
26/04/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   A.S.E. Doukas - Foivos
26/04/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   AS Filippos Verias - Aeropos Edessas
26/04/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   H.A.N.TH - Diomidis Argos
26/04/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   A.E.K. Athens - AO Loutrakis
27/04/14, 13:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   Anagennisi Byrona - Archelaos
03/05/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   Diomidis Argos - AS Filippos Verias
03/05/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   Archelaos - A.S.E. Doukas
03/05/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   AO Loutrakis - AC PAOK
03/05/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   G.A.S. Kilkis - H.A.N.TH
03/05/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   Foivos - A.E.K. Athens
03/05/14, 17:00H2H Stats A1 Men H2H   Aeropos Edessas - Anagennisi Byrona

Statistics A1 Men Teams current Season

Handball A.E.K. Athens
Handball A.S.E. Doukas
Handball AC PAOK
Handball Aeropos Edessas
Handball Anagennisi Byrona
Handball AO Loutrakis
Handball Archelaos
Handball Aris Nikaias
Handball AS Filippos Verias
Handball Diomidis Argos
Handball Foivos
Handball G.A.S. Kilkis
Handball H.A.N.TH
Handball Panellinios GS

Statistics Statistics A1 Men

The highest amount of Visitor Goals in the current Season was from Aeropos Edessas within
the Game against Archelaos, Final Result 27:37.
The best amount of Goals at Home was from A.E.K. Athens within the Game
against Archelaos, Result 49:18.
Topgame of the Handball Season with the highest amount of Goals was the Game
A.E.K. Athens : Foivos with a total of 68 Goals.
The best Team by overall count of Goals Home is the Team A.E.K. Athens with 371 Goals and
on away Games current Season it is the Team Diomidis Argos with 293 Goals.

League Result Statistics League Result Statistics A1 Men
League Result Statistics A1 Men

A1 Men Betting Tips A1 Men Betting Tips

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23/04/14, 17:00A.S.E. Doukas - FoivosBet Tip : 1
23/04/14, 17:00Anagennisi Byrona - ArchelaosBet Tip : 1
23/04/14, 17:00AS Filippos Verias - Aeropos EdessasBet Tip : 12

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